Nepal: E-visa v/s Visa-on-Arrival

Nepal is one of the fastest growing tourism markets, and their visa policy can be confusing. They offer an e-visa that you can get before your trip, and a visa-on-arrival that you can get when you land in Kathmandu.


This is a 1 page document that you before you board your flight. This lets you enter Nepal, avoid lines at immigration to get a visa. This is the recommended option because you end up saving hours. You also don't need to answer any questions to an immigration officer. To get this in 60 seconds, use Atlas.


  • Download Atlas.

  • Create an account, and scan your passport.

  • Take a selfie!

  • That's it - checkout and get your visa.


You can get this entry permit when you land in Nepal as a tourist. However, the lines are usually extremely long and it can take anywhere between 4 and 6 hours. There's not a lot of paperwork but most travelers end up wasting the day getting this.


  • Fill your Visa-on-Arrival form at immigration

  • Wait in line to access the Kiosk to submit the form. Average wait time: 4 hours.

  • Fill your form with the option of online method

  • Pay at the kiosk

  • Collect the receipt

If you're going via road or through a different airport, this facility is not available. The recommendation is to get E-visa.


The visa fees for Nepal is relatively cheaper than other places.

  • If you wish to visit Nepal for 15-days, you need to pay 30 USD for the visa.

  • If you wish to visit Nepal for 30-days, you need to pay 50 USD for the visa.

  • If you wish to visit Nepal for 90-days, you need to pay 125 USD for the visa.

Don't Forget!

Finally, while not explicit anywhere, we've heard from several travelers that they were required to show passport-sized photos. It's always a good idea to take them, and you can use Atlas to get them for free.

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