Getting a France Schengen Visa in the United States

Learn how to avoid mistakes that will delay your trip to France and follow these step-by-step instructions to get a Schengen visa.

France falls in the Schengen Area of the European Union, and a Schengen Visa is required to enter France if you're not a citizen of an exempt country. To prepare your French visa application in under 5 minutes, use Atlas.

General France Tourist Visa Application Requirements

  1. Visa application form: You can fill this here or use Atlas to fill this up for you.

  2. A U.S. permanent residence card or Green Card; alternatively, a valid U.S. visa with valid I-20 or valid I-94 or I-797 + 1 photocopy or an advanced parole document.

  3. Photographs: 1 passport-sized photograph with a clear face, light background, and the face occupying about 80% of the photograph.

  4. Accommodation or hotel details where bookings have been made along with check-in and check-out dates

  5. Tour itinerary mentioning places of visit.

  6. Bank statement for the last three months from the date of applying for an Austria tourist visa

  7. Copies of passport and previous Schengen visas – passport should remain valid for three months from Austria's visit end date.

  8. Schengen travel insurance should have a cover of EUR 30.000 to support medical emergency, repatriation due to medical reasons, or any other emergency handling during Austria visit.

Which income proofs can be submitted to show the ability to cover the travel and stay expenses?

Many qualify however showing a bank statement is the most straightforward. You can also use one of these:

- letter of employment

- a credit card with a clear spending limit

- invoices of prepaid travels and accommodations

- Pay stubs

- travelers’ cheques

- attested documents showing spouse’s consent in covering the expenses, etc.

Other types of tourist visas and document requirements

  1. Visa for employees: Reference letter of the U.S. employer mentioning profile, salary, date of hiring, dates of vacation, and itinerary.

  2. Self-employed: Your business existence proof and the client’s details you intend to meet in France. The proof of income from the business.

  3. Foreign students on F-1 visa: A valid I-20, reference letter from an educational institution, education details, and expected date of the end of graduation course.

  4. Family/friend visit: If you visit a friend or family, get an original and copy of “Attestation d’Accueil” that the host will request at the City Hall in France, known as Mairie.

Where to apply for France Schengen Visa

French Visa can be applied at VFS Global across the country. Use Atlas to find one near you.


French Consulate Authorities in the USA accept only cash and money orders. You can get a money order at a USPS near you.

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