What is ETIAS - European Travel Information and Authorization System

Updated: Nov 18

What is ETIAS?

Currently, citizens of about 62 countries can enter the European Union (EU) visa-free for a trip less than 90 days. However, due to several security reasons, the EU has devised a new system for anyone visiting EU borders to get an electronic authorization.

This new system will help the authorities effectively track movement of visitors within the EU. This ETIAS resolution was passed in 2016 but will come into operation by the year 2022.

Who will require ETIAS?

Anyone who required a traditional visa before will still need to go that route. However, if you previously traveled to the EU visa-free, you'll need to apply for ETIAS. The fee is only €7.

It's not required if you have a Schengen visa.

Guidance for the ETIAS Application Form

The ETIAS application form needs to be submitted at least 3 days before your trip, and you can only enter EU borders if you have an approval. The entire process is online, and you can get one in 60 seconds on Atlas.

In most cases, an application through Atlas is approved within minutes. If your application is flagged then it can take up to 2 weeks for a manual review.

You can use Atlas to get ETIAS. In the meantime, check out schengen visa requirements here.

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