Bahamas Travel Visa
Learn more on how to apply for a Bahamas Health Visa.

Bahamas Health Visa - Step by Step Instructions

The Bahamas has mandated that all international tourists aged 18 or older obtain a Bahamas Travel Health Visa before arrival. The visa application is online, requires a negative COVID-19 test, and takes up to 96 hours (or 4 business days) to process. Vaccinated travelers that have passed the two (2) week immunity period do not have to submit any negative COVID-19 test reports.


Important Update as of July 31st, 2021


The processing time for trips in August is running into more than 100 hours (4+ days). If you're traveling during this time, we recommend going through Atlys.


How to Get a Bahamas Health Visa

We will walk you thru a step-by-step tutorial to obtain a Bahamas Health Visa. The Health Visa Application is divided into 4 steps and roughly takes 20 minutes to finish:

  1. Profile
  2. Travel document(s)
  3. Dependents (if applicable)
  4. Trip details


For those traveling with families, this guide explains how to apply for a Bahamas Health Visa for your family.

How to Get a Bahamas Health Visa on Atlys

You can now submit a Bahamas Health Visa in under 5 minutes on Atlys. Download the Atlys app on your iPhone, put in your travel details, and let Atlys handle all the paperwork for you. Atlys has an average approval time of less than a day!    


If your visa is still pending, Atlys can help too. Download the Atlys app on your iPhone and reach out!


How to Get a Bahamas Health Visa If Your Trip Is In 3 Days?

  • Apply immediately. Alternatively, apply on Atlys to get your visa within 12 hours.
  • Call the Bahamas Health Visa helpline at +1 (242) 604-7200. This is an international number, and most US carriers will charge $3-$5 per minute unless you have an international plan.
  • The approximate waiting time is around 3 to 4 hours.
  • Once you get ahold of them, mention your Trip ID and last name. They will expedite your application.

If you want to save hours of your time and phone bill, use Atlys to get a health visa before your trip - guaranteed!

Bahamas Health Visa For Families

Each member of your family is required to get a Bahamas Health Visa, including young children. To learn more about applying for a Bahamas Health Visa for your family, check out this guide.


Profile & Travel Document

Go to the Bahamas Travel Health Visa website and select ‘International.’


Start by creating an account. All adult travelers will need to create an account each as well. You cannot have one account for your entire group.


In the next step, enter your passport details. Select your Bahamas Immigration Status as Visitor, and upload your Passport Information Page (this is the page bearing your personal details such as first & last names). If you’ve dual nationality, put your nationality as the country you reside in. While not evident, ensure your passport is not expiring within 6 months. That can increase the chances of rejection.



In steps 3 and 4, enter your personal & residential details. This is your home address and not where you'll be staying in the Bahamas. Next, you’ll have to check all, if any, health conditions you have. This is required since your Bahamas Travel Health Visa includes COVID-19 insurance.



Finally, share details of your Emergency contact. This can be a family member, friend, or even a travel agent. The Bahamas authorities might contact this person in case of an emergency.


Bahamas Travel Visa for Children

If you are traveling with children under age eighteen (18), you’re required to create a profile for each child. This entails uploading their passport and sharing personal details.


Select ‘Traveling with Children’ on the dashboard.


Select ‘Add a child’ for each child traveling with you.



Enter the child’s details and upload their travel document.


Children eighteen (18) years or older are required to have their own profile. Children older than eleven (11) years but younger than eighteen (18) years are required to upload a negative RT-PCR test if they're not fully vaccinated. Children under 10 years are exempted from uploading a negative COVID-19 test report.


Trip Details

Finally, you have to add details about your upcoming trip and upload a negative negative RT-PCR COVID-19 test. This is a mandatory requirement to get a Bahamas Health Visa. Fully vaccinated travelers are exempt from this requirement. As of now, The Bahamas only accepts Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca vaccines. You can put the lab as "CDC". If you're unsure about "COVID-19 Vaccine Slot Number", we recommend using Atlys since the software would scan and automatically figure out your vaccine slot number without you having to spend time doing that.


If your trip is more than two weeks out, the only way to submit an application is using Atlys.


Select ‘Add Trip’ from the dashboard and choose ‘International,’ and enter details about your trip:

  • Travel mode (Air or Sea)
  • Flight or vessel number
  • Country of departure
  • Number of visits to the Bahamas in the past 5 years. Put zero (0) if none.
  • Date, time, mode, and port of arrival in the Bahamas.
  • Date, mode, and port of departure from the Bahamas.
  • Accommodation information - address, island, phone, and group size. For Airbnb's, select Airbnb.

Ensure that you get your COVID-19 RT-PCR test within 5 days of your departure to the Bahamas. Only RT-PCR tests are accepted. Any other type of COVID-19 test will not be accepted. To upload a negative report, you need it to be in PDF, PNG, or JPEG file format. Use this free tool to convert your test report to those file formats. The lab report should clearly indicate the address & phone number of the lab and your name. A traveler recently reported a visa rejection "They denied our first application because our letters from our health clinic didn’t have the name of the lab/facility with address and phone number listed on the letterhead. Also make sure your letter has date tested, what kind of test, your name and date of birth."




RT-PCR tests can be quite expensive. To save money, we recommend scheduling appointments at local city- or state-hosted government testing sites. They're usually drive-thru and free (or very cheap). As long as you get a PCR test, it doesn't matter where you get it from. Travelers getting tests from government-hosted sites save $120, on average. These are official state-government-run health portals where you can find COVID-19 testing sites. Those run by the state (if any) are free:


Verify all information and submit. You’ve to create a new ‘trip’ on the dashboard for any child you’re traveling with.

“I used Atlys to apply for my Bahamas visa. When I went back to check my status update half an hour later, my visa had already been approved” J.A. Swenny

Submitting Your Bahamas Health Visa Application Without a COVID-19 Test

If your test results haven't come yet, the only way to submit a Bahamas Health Visa application is through Atlys. Atlys would pre-process your application and would generate a visa as soon as your test results come and are uploaded.

How to Submit Your Bahamas Health Visa Application

The trip status will change to ‘Pending.' This means that your Bahamas Health Visa is in an automatic review queue. It will be either accepted or rejected. You do not have to pay until you receive an acceptance.

Bahamas Health Visa Processing Time

It can take up to ninety-six (96) hours to review your application. Although, the processing times are running into more than a hundred (100) hours during the peak summer season. Once your trip is reviewed and approved, you can obtain your Travel Visa after payment. You do not have to pay for the Bahamas Travel Visa until your application is approved.

We've heard from many travelers that their visas haven't been approved in close to ninety-six (96) hours. In such cases, it's advisable to call the Bahamas Travel Compliance Unit on (242) 502-0829. The waiting times can be as long as four (4) hours, but once you get a hold of them, they act swiftly and usually approve your visa right away. The contact number might not work if your phone carrier does not support international calls. If you wish to save that time, simply use Atlys and let us do the work for you!


Helpful tip - while the number starts with +1, cellular networks consider it an international call. We advise buying an international plan beforehand to avoid paying hundreds of dollars in phone bills.


For those who haven't received a visa in more than twenty-four (24) hours, we suggest first emailing them instead.

Bahamas Health Visa Cost

You can pay using most credit & debit cards online. If you're traveling in a group, you can save up to $50 on the visa cost if you use Atlys. The cost of the Bahamas Health Visa varies for vaccinated and unvaccinated travelers, here is the breakdown:

Vaccinated Travelers

  • $10 - Returning citizens/residents of The Bahamas
  • $40 - Citizens and residents from USA & Canada
  • $50 - Citizens and residents from all other countries

Unvaccinated Travelers

  • $40 - Returning citizens/residents of The Bahamas

  • $40 - Citizens and residents from USA & Canada staying up to four nights

  • $60 - Citizens and residents from USA & Canada staying more than four nights

  • $50 - Citizens and residents from all other countries staying up to four nights

  • $70 - Citizens and residents from all other countries staying more than four nights

  • Free - Children 10 years and under

  • Exempted – Pilot/crew of commercial airlines who remain overnight in The Bahamas


Once you pay, you can expect to see your Travel Visa available immediately on your dashboard. Please save a copy to your phone or print it and show it upon arrival in the Bahamas.

Bahamas Health Visa Health Insurance

COVID-19 health insurance is included in the cost of your visa. The full details are available here, and the main benefits include:

  • Trip interruption due to COVID-19: $500 per day up to a maximum of $7000
  • COVID-19 Emergency MEdical expenses: Up to $50,000

Atlantic Medical Insurance Limited underwrites health insurance.

Bahamas Travel Health Visa Decision

The decision depends on a range of factors such as meeting all COVID-19 testing requirements, uploading an authentic report, and your recent international travel history.

If your application is denied, you may contact the Bahamas Travel Compliance Unit at or call them on +1 (242) 502-0829. Alternatively, contact Atlys and we'll help you.

If you’re trip is more than 4 days…

As of May 1, 2021 - All vaccinated travelers are now exempt from this requirement. To be eligible, you need proof of vaccination and visit the Bahamas two (2) weeks after the final dose of your COVID-19 vaccination.


Unvaccinated travelers are required to get a mandatory Rapid Antigen test on the fifth day of their trip. An approved testing center must administer rapid Antigen tests. You can find approved testing centers here. The fees for tests are included as part of the visa cost. Failure to take a rapid antigen test on the 5th day can result in a $1,000 fine or one-month imprisonment, or both.


Unvaccinated Travelers who test positive are required to take another RT-PCR test at their expense. Upon a positive RT-PCR report, travelers may choose to (1) leave the destination via approved medical transportation (using either insurance or personal resources if they have a medical necessity as stated in the terms and conditions of the Health Insurance), or (2) begin quarantining at their place of stay for a 14-day period, or length of stay.

Bahamas Travel Health Visa Daily Health Survey

On arrival and for a maximum of 14-days, or the duration of stay, you will be required to answer the Bahamas Daily Health Survey. Vaccinated travelers are exempt from taking the daily survey. For unvaccinated travelers staying longer than four (4) nights, a Rapid Antigen test on day five (5) of your visit is required.

Bahamas Travel Health Visa Rejected

If your visa is rejected, you will get an email indicating the reason. Usually, it is easy to rectify and apply again. Common reasons include invalid test, result not conclusive, and lack of information.

What are some common causes of rejection?

Based on our data, these are common causes of rejection:

  • PCR test result is illegible. Please reapply and upload a clearer image.
  • Does not prove 2-week immunity period: travelers from other countries must have proof their vaccination was completed at least 14-days prior to arrival to account for the immunity period.
  • Does not clearly show approved vaccine: only vaccinations by Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca will be accepted at this time.
  • Invalid proof of vaccination: documentation submitted is not from a validated source (i.e. CDC or government-issued) as deemed by the Bahamas Ministry of Health upon review.
  • Test results do not meet time criteria. PCR test must be administered (based on collection date of swab), within five (5) days of the date of arrival. Any tests older than five days will be considered expired by the arrival date
  • Incorrect COVID-19 test provided. Only PCR tests are accepted. Rapid Antigen or Rapid Antibody COVID tests are NOT accepted.

Common Questions

Is Bahamas Travel Visa free of charge?

No, the Bahamas Travel Visa is not free for travelers aged 11 or older.

Where to get a Bahamas Travel Visa from?

You can get the Bahamas Visa electronically here.

Can I get a Bahamas Travel Visa-on-arrival?

No, it is not possible to get the Bahamas Travel Health Visa on arrival.

What types of COVID-19 tests are accepted?


Do vaccinated travelers need a Bahamas Travel Health Visa?

Yes, there is no exemption for vaccinated traveled.

Do vaccinated travelers need to take the Rapid Antigen test on day 5?

No, vaccinated travelers are exempt from that requirement.

What does it mean to be “fully vaccinated”?

A traveler is considered fully vaccinated if it has been 2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca vaccines, or 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine.

What vaccines are recognized by the Bahamas?

Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen or AstraZeneca. Other vaccines are not recognized and those travelers should upload an RT-PCR test instead.

Can I board my flight if my visa is pending?

While that depends on the airline, you will not be allowed entry unless your visa is approved.

Do I need a COVID test to return to the US?

Yes, a COVID test is needed for all travelers returning to the US. Here is a guide on how to get a COVID-19 test in Bahamas for re-entry into the United States.