Austria Tourist Visa Requirements

Updated: Nov 18

Austria falls in the Schengen Area of the European Union, and a Schengen Visa is required to enter Austria if you're not a citizen of an exempt country. To get an Austrian visa in 60 seconds, use Atlas.

General Austria Tourist Visa Application Requirements

  1. Visa application form: You can find this here.

  2. Photographs: 2 passport-sized photographs with a clear face, light background, and the face occupying about 80% of the photograph.

  3. Invitation letter from family/friend and their address and phone number; cover letter mentioning the purpose of visit to Austria and start and end travel dates. This is not required if you're living in a hotel.

  4. Accommodation or hotel details where bookings have been made along with check-in and check-out dates

  5. Tour itinerary mentioning places of visit.

  6. Bank statement for the last three months from the date of applying for an Austria tourist visa

  7. Copies of passport and previous Schengen visas – passport should remain valid for three months from Austria's visit end date.

  8. Schengen travel insurance should have a cover of EUR 30.000 to support medical emergency, repatriation due to medical reasons, or any other emergency handling during Austria visit.

Other visa types and their requirements

  1. Employed travelers coming to Austria for a holiday: A letter from employer approving travel on leave, bank statement for six months, proof of employment with the company/firm.

  2. Self-employed travelers: A business account statement for six months, business existence proof like proprietorship deed or another document as applicable to the type of business ownership

  3. Pensioned travelers: Pension account's statement for the last six months

  4. Visa for cultural activities, films, sports: Approval letter from concerned authority or invitation letter for the event, crew details traveling to Austria, travel schedule, and duration of stay.

  5. Student Visa: A letter approving admission in the Austrian school or university, or no objection letter from school or university in the home country, proof of enrollment for the education program

  6. Official visit visa: Attending any kind of Government meeting, or conference, or traveling as a delegate for an official event requires official invitation copy, purpose, duration of stay record, accommodation details, Identity proofs, or passport(s) of delegates visiting Austria.

  7. Work employment visa: Austria gives two types of work visas – long-term and short term work visa or permit. The long term is the work period of up to six months in Austria, and the short term is an employment period of fewer than 90 days. A permission letter by the Austrian Labor Market Authority and a letter of support from an Austrian company and a copy of the work contract are required for this visa.

You can use Atlas to do all of this for you, and get an Austrian tourist visa application in no time!

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