tanzania Visa Applications and Appointments
Visa Required:
Processing Time:
3-10 days
  • 1.

    E-Visa Application

  • 2.

    Original and valid passport

  • 3.

    Visa Photo

  • 4.

    Flight reservations

Embassy Appointments

No available appointments

How To Fill Tanzania Visa Application?

Most tourists are eligible to apply for an eVisa in advance of their trip to Kenya. The visa can be applied on Atlas in under 3 minutes or on this portal in 50 minutes. We recommend using Atlas for a stress-free experience - download and complete your visa application instantly.

The processing time is seventy-two (72) hours but can take longer. This eVisa application is for both the Tanzania Mainland and Zanzibar.

Pro Tip

The Tanzania eVisa application does not work on most browsers. We recommend doing it on Mozilla Firefox on Windows, and on Safari on Mac.


Personal Information

In this section, provide information about yourself and save the application ID. Each application is associated with your passport number.


Often, the information is not saved so it is recommended to complete this in one sitting. Ensure everything matches the information on your documents.

Employment Details

Tanzania requires information about your employment to ascertain that you've an incentive to go back to your home country. For retirees, you can put 'NA' in the 'Employer' and 'Occupation' fields.

Travel Information

Tanzania requires information about your accomodation as well as host. For host, we recommend putting 'self'. Accomodation is your hotel address.

Visa Type for American Citizens

Americans can only apply for a Multiple Entry Visa, and are only allowed as tourists.

Tanzania eVisa for Minors

Children are required to get an eVisa as well. The process is:

  • Enter their details on your application in this section.
  • Apply for their eVisa separately, paying the $100 fee.

Flight Reservation and Documents

Tanzania requires a photo of your passport, proof of flight reservations to Tanzania and back and your own photo. If your photos are more than 300KB, use this tool to compress them.

Photo Requirements for Tanzania eVisa

  • The photo size is 45x40 mm.
  • The facial expression should be neutral.
  • Eyes must be visible clearly.
  • The background of the photo should be white or off-white.
  • Headgear cannot be worn except for religious purposes.
  • The photo should contain your whole face.
  • Your photo should be a recent one, less than six months.

Processing Time

After payment, the processing time can be up to ten (10) business days. However, the average time is around three (3) days. Upon approval, you'll receive an email. Tanzania also lets you check the visa status online.


Tanzania Health Form

All incoming travelers are required to complete an online health surveillance form twenty-four hours before departure. If you use Atlas for your visa, this is automatically done for you free of cost.

This form is a short recap of the visa - enter your accomodation address, dates and contact information.

Traveler Information

Mention your name, age, flight number, mode of transport in this section.

Trip Details

Provide details about your trip in this section, including dates and accomodation.

Illness Details

Mention any illness that might have occurred in the last one week before arrival in Tanzania.

Unique Health Code

Upon submission, you will get a unique health code aka "traveller code" that you must save, and present upon arrival.



Facts and Questions

Do fully vaccinated tourists need to take a Rapid Antigen Test on arrival?

Yes. All tourists have to take a Rapid Antigen Test upon arrival in Tanzania

Can I get a Tanzania visa on arrival?

Only some nationalities are eligible for on arrival.


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