greece Visa Applications and Appointments
Visa Required:
Processing Time:
14 days
  • 1.

    Visa Application

  • 2.

    Original and valid passport

  • 3.

    Proof of residence status in the United States

  • 4.

    Proof of address in the United States

  • 5.

    Visa Photos

  • 6.

    Draft hotel reservations

    • Greece requires proof of hotel reservations. Use the tool below to get one for free.
  • 7.

    Draft flight reservations

    • Greece requires proof of flight reservations. Depending on the airline, customers might have to show the travel tickets together with the confirmation e-mail and imprints of both the outward and return journey reservations.
  • 8.

    Tour itinerary

    • A rough itinerary of your plans. For most travelers, this is a combination of visiting cultural attractions, shopping centers, and restaurants.
  • 9.

    Bank statements

    • Last three months of bank statements showing a balance of EUR 50 x the number of days in Greece.
  • 10.

    Copies of any previous Schengen visas

  • 11.

    Schengen travel insurance

  • 12.

    Cover Letter

    • A letter addressing the Embassy your reason to travel, signed by you.
  • 13.

    Proof of employment

    • Learn more if you are a student, unemployed or Self-employed.

Embassy Appointments

No available appointments

How To Fill Greece Visa Application?

The Greece visa application form is a downloadable document and can be submitted typed or written. The process takes around 30 minutes, and expect to spend 5-6 hours preparing your complete Greece visa application.

General Information

Provide basic information such as your name and passport details. United States residents do not have any national identity number.

Alien Residence Status

If you're applying for a Greek visa from the United States, likely, you are not a US citizen. Therefore, check Residence in a country other than the country of current nationality.

'Entry Permit for Final destination' is your residence proof to enter the United States, i.e., Green Card or US Visa. The permit number is the unique number associated with your Green Card / H1B/ F1/ J1 visas.      





Previous Schengen visas do not consist of when biometrics were collected. It's advisable to leave this field blank rather than put an incorrect date. However, select 'Yes' if your Schengen visa was issued after 2016. This allows Greece to retrieve your fingerprints from a central database to expedite your visa processing. A history of repeated European visits can increase the chances of a longer-term Schengen visa.

As per the European Union:

Frequent travellers to the Schengen Area do not have to give new finger scans every time they apply for a new visa. Once finger scans are stored in VIS, they can be re-used for further visa applications over a 5-year period.


Schengen visas are issued +/- 5 days around your intended travel dates. It is recommended to apply for a Greece visa after you confirm your dates.      


Surname and first name of the inviting person(s) in the Member State(s). If not applicable, name of hotel(s) or temporary accommodation(s) in the Member State(s). For most travelers, this is the hotel's contact information. The details have to match those in your itinerary and hotel reservation.

Finally, you’ve to present evidence to prove that you can support your stay in Greece. You can select the option that works best for you, which has a balance equivalent to EUR 50 x the number of days in Greece. For example, a ten-day visit warrants a minimum balance of EUR 500 (EUR 50 x 10 days). You can select multiple options, but evidence of each is required.      


Visa application

After completing the application, make sure to sign it. You do not have to affix your photo on the application.


Greece Visa Photos

The photos for a Greek Schengen visa have to conform to ICAO standards.

  1. Two identical photos. Not older than six months.
  2. Photo size: 35x45mm or 2 in x 2 in.
  3. In color. No black and white
  4. Head should cover most of the photo.
  5. White background.



Greece Schengen Visa For Minors

Minors require a Schengen visa to travel to Greece. In addition to all the standard documents, you’ve to provide the following.

  1. Application form signed by both parents.
  2. Birth certificate of the child.
  3. If a child is traveling alone, a notarized parental authorization is signed by both parents or guardians.
  4. A reference letter from the school.


Letter of Employment / Education for Greece

A letter of employment is required to prove that you have an incentive to return to your home country. For students, this is a letter from the university confirming your full-time admission. The letter should consist of:

  1. Employer name
  2. Your Position and title
  3. A declaration that you will continue to be employed during your Greece visit
  4. Contact and address information of the supervisor along with their signature.
  5. Addressed to the Embassy of Greece in Washington DC.

For homemakers or those unemployed, a letter of support from any individual/organization. This includes but is not limited to your spouse or parents too.


Greece Visa Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is a requirement to get a Greece Schengen visa. The insurance should cover:

  1. Coverage of at least EUR 30,000.
  2. Be valid in all 26 Schengen States: Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.
  3. Cover medical emergency expenses and anything connected with repatriation for medical reasons, urgent health attention, and/or emergency hospital treatment or death.
  4. For those hoping to get a longer-term Schengen visa, it is advisable to provide travel insurance that lasts the whole year as per the EU directive:
    “ Applicants for a uniform visa for more than two entries (multiple entries) shall prove that they are in possession of adequate and valid travel medical insurance covering the period of their first intended visit.In addition, such applicants shall sign the statement, set out in the application form, declaring that they are aware of the need to be in possession of travel medical insurance for subsequent stays.”


How to Reach Greece during COVID-19 as a tourist?

Greece is one of the first countries to lift border restrictions for vaccinated tourists. Anyone can go to Greece now with valid entry paperwork.    

Facts and Questions

What is proof of accommodation?

Proof of accommodation is a tentative itinerary showing your flight tickets & hotel stay but not yet purchased.

Do I need to complete any other paperwork in addition to the visa?

Yes. Greece requires all travelers to complete a Passenger Locator Form (PLF).

Which income proofs can be submitted to show the ability to cover the travel and stay expenses?

Many qualify however, showing a bank statement is the most straightforward. You can also use one of these:

  • invoices of prepaid travels and accommodations

  • Pay stubs

  • travelers’ cheques

  • attested documents showing spouse’s consent in covering the expenses, etc.

Other types of visas and document requirements

  • Short-term work visa: Reference letter of the U.S. employer mentioning profile, salary, date of hiring, dates of vacation, and itinerary.

  • Self-employed: Your business existence proof and the client’s details you intend to meet in Greece. The proof of income from the business.

  • Foreign students on F-1 visa: A valid I-20, reference letter from an educational institution, education details, and expected date of the end of graduation course.

How long is a short stay visa valid for? Can I leave the Schengen area and come back with the same visa?

The visa sticker contains information on the visa’s validity period and the duration of the authorized stay. A visa can be issued for one entry or multiple entries. The maximum duration of stay is shown on the visa sticker, and it varies according to the reasons for your stay. What you must remember

  • You must have left the Schengen area at the latest on the day on which the visa expires.
  • You must not exceed the authorized length of stay during the validity of the visa.
  • If you have an authorized stay of 90 days, you must not stay in the Schengen area for more than 90 days in 180 days, this period not having to exceed the duration of the visa and the period of 90 days starting from run on the date of the first entry.

Can I apply for a visa on arrival in Greece?

No, Greece does not provide a visa-on-arrival.

Which country is responsible for processing my visa application?

The Member State competent to handle a request visa and decide on it is the one whose territory constitutes the sole destination (or main) or the trips.


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